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I’m Mukesh Pandey an Innovative, explorer, dreamer, developer, thinker and so much more. Every project I’ve taken on was guided by my curiosity, creativity and diligence. I use this space to showcase my current and past work, to detail upcoming plans and to make my presence felt in the world. I’m constantly changing and evolving, so what you see here today might not be here tomorrow!

Our Team


Mukesh Pandey

CEO & Founder

MSP Softwares Pvt.Ltd

Bhaktaraz Bhatt

CEO & Founder

Anubhabi Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Sushil Bhatt

CEO & Founder

I'm a web developer.


Right Resume

Mukesh Pandey

Entrepreneur & Web Developer.

About Me

Ever since I can remember, I have been creative, curious and adventurous. Growing up, I found a way to turn these virtues into a thriving career. I have been lucky to work on a variety of mind-blowing projects, meeting the most exceptional individuals along the way.

kathmandu, Nepal

Professional Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Work Experience

Frontend Developer at Own Company
May, 2019 - Present
Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition.
Graphic Designer at Own Company
June, 2019 - May, 2021
Lead in the design, development, and implementation of the graphic, layout, and production communication materials
Founder Biwekshil Youth Club
22 December, 2019
we started a cleaning campaign with a Nepal’s youngest social activist ‘KP khanal’ in ward no. 10. To prevent our youths from going to the wrong direction by involving them in social activities and providing them with social responsibilities .People had to face alot problems in the transportation especially in the rainy season and to overcome that the club members united and began roads and bridge construction works. We will keep this club bringing forward by bringing new


+2 Sciencefrom Xavier International College
2020 - Present
In 2021 AD, I joined this exceptional college at the capital to continue my further education. Currently, I am completing my first year of ISC in this college.
Secondary Education Education from Shree Siddhanath Secondary School
2015 - 2020
A well-established secondary school continued my school journey from 2015 AD. I joined there in garde 5. I completed my SEE from this school with excellent grades and my 5 years of journey in this school completed in 2020 AD.
Primary Education from Cosmopolitan English Boarding School
2009 - 2015
The very first of my school journey started from one of the most reputed schools ‘Cosmopolitan English Medium Secondary School’ at 2009 AD. Studying in this school was a complete learning experience.



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